5 Best Football Documentaries Available To Stream Today 

Football Documentaries - You Must Watch

The world of football is pretty much the testosterone-fuelled version of a soap opera. Well, when players aren’t rolling around on the floor pretending they’re injured. But as any fantasy Premier League manager will tell you, every week there is a new story being told at fantasyfootball247.co.uk.

And nowadays, streaming services such as Netflix and Disney Plus have cashed in on the drama that unfolds week on week. But it isn’t just the top teams that have their stories followed.

More so, beyond the grandeur of the of the team success story on the pitch, the bureaucracy behind the team that fashion the success of all great teams or the legend of the players are mostly not seen by the fans across the globe, but many were detailed as to which many were not but in essence are documented in audio or video to fuel the fan passion for understanding on how their darling team is run

Across everyone’s favourite platforms, every tier of football is covered. There are European heavyweights, Welsh minnows, and everything in between. There is truly too much to choose from, but we have attempted to whittle the list down for you. Here are the best football documentaries available to stream today.

Get ready to experience a range of emotions with these movies as you delve into the gripping stories behind some of the most iconic moments in football history!

1. Welcome to Wrexham – Disney Plus

Wrexham is about the furthest thing from Hollywood that one could imagine. The small town of just 61,000 residents is a rundown area in North Wales. It has a football team that plays in the fifth tier of English football and has done for the last 15 years. Their stadium is decrepit, as is most of the town itself. But Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds and his buddy Rob McElhenney, himself a star of the hit TV show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, somehow took a liking to the town.

They purchased Wrexham AFC back in February 2021 and have documented their adventures during their time in charge of the club in Disney Plus’ smash hit docuseries, Welcome to Wrexham. The show is filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, it will make you cry with both joy and sadness, and is simply the best football documentary available on the internet today.

2. All or Nothing – Amazon Prime Video

If Welcome to Wrexham follows the smallest of minnows, then Amazon Prime’s All or Nothing follows the planet’s top sporting superstars. The show isn’t solely about European football, there are seasons following massive NFL teams such as the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys. There are also seasons following the New Zealand international rugby team and the Toronto Maple Leafs ice hockey team.

But we are here for the football, and there are plenty of seasons to choose from. There are three seasons following the English Premier League teams Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, and Manchester City. There are a further two seasons following the national teams of Brazil and Germany. And finally, if that isn’t enough, there is also a season following Serie A side Juventus, with superstar striker Cristiano Ronaldo in a starring role.

3. Neymar: the perfect chaos – Netflix

If been a footballer is easy to attain, many almost all the youth globally would have be one. Neymar: the perfect chaos depict the rise of Neymar to stardom. The short series looks deeper into Neymar highs and lows of his personal life and his trajectory to footballing greatness.

The short series has had mixed feelings from some football fans all over the world as many see the Brazilian prodigy as one the great player who could not have fulfilled his potential. Though captivating his audience with series of flicks and tricks, his style and other showboating has made him one of the most underrated player, yet overrated.

But the series helped many of his fans to realize where he was coming from and what a magic it took to achieve what he is today. Finally, the series looks at the scandals and controversial transfers that surround his movement from Santos to Barcelona and finally from Barcelona to PSG.

4. Sunderland till I die – Netflix

Not all bad stories end ugly, such is the story of Sunderland when the Black Cat was relegated to the championship and the video tell the story of how the Black cats in the lower division of English Football fared.

Though it was a documentary of the experience of the Sunderland in the Championship, but the video gave more insight to the elements behind the scene and some other sides of the club that the fans are not always seeing when watching the live matches of their favourite team

The documentary depicts the love of the fans towards the Black cats and the passion which emanates anger when they are feeling the loss against the club management and most importantly, the shared hatred for the the players that have collectively put their club in jeopardy to which they currently found themselves.

It’s a story worth watching as it tells the raw stories of many issue that the club face from the lack business direction and how it affect the club, the upset and fluctuations of the players and why the club is different and how it suffers huge financial impact. It’s a story of culprit and passion behind the football scenes.

5. Pele: The birth of legend:

Pele made name for himself on the field with his sizzling gameplay. But many of the current football fans do not know what Pele stand for. From the sphere of an humble birth to the time of national hero, and to the pinnacle of the game not just as a player, but a symbol of football as a winner, entertainer, passion, and drive that make the stood the test of time.

The all-round inspiring documentary looks into the rise of the late Brazilian, from his rise to stardom with only football at his feet while he came from humble background. It further deeps into the struggle of the great footballer as a young millionaire and how the fame took the top in him as a person and how he overcame it all.

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