The Mobile Revolution: 10 Exclusive Tech Wonders in Your Pocket

Smartphones have dramatically improved our functioning. From bettering our communication to enabling easy data transfer, mobile phones are proving indispensable. The big leap in mobile phone technology provided some truly remarkable achievements.

That is why aside from calling your friends and receiving emails, there are amazing things you can do with your phone, and We are going to name just 10 of them for you.

1. Help You Change Channels

Help You Change Channels

Having to get the remote after settling to watch a show can be frustrating. However, with your phone, you can evade this. Certain features like RemoteNow enable Aussies to enjoy their shows on their Hisense TV on multiple platforms like HBO or Netflix.

If your phone has an IR (infrared) blaster, it can be a remote for infrared-controlled devices. You can log onto platforms like PlayStore or Apple Store to download apps compatible with your device IR blaster. 

2. Use It as a Gaming Console

Gaming is one of the most engaging forms of entertainment Aussies indulge in. Users can use their smartphones to play several titles, from graphic games like FC 2024 to playing online casino games. According to TopAustralianGambling, you can download several casino apps and enjoy playing your favorite titles on your mobile phone. 

Some of Australia’s most popular mobile games, including Scavenger Hut and Traffic Escape, are made more exciting by their simple controls and easy gameplay. Playing these titles on your phone also gives you unmatched convenience. You can play whenever you like, regardless of your location. 

3. Scan Documents 

Modern Android and iPhone smartphones can quickly scan and send documents. Initially, if you had to sign a document and send it digitally, it involved a tedious process. However, if you have a clear camera, you can quickly scan your document. For Android users, simply open the camera and select the scan option. 

For iPhone users, open the Notes app and click on the camera. Select the scan document option, and you should be set. 

4. Start Your Car

Depending on the model and make of your vehicle, you can use your smartphone to maneuver certain functions in your car. For instance, you can set it to the right temperature before entering or starting it from your living room. 

Additionally, you no longer have to worry about losing your physical key. Your smartphone can serve as a digital key. Again, this feature is restricted to phones like Pixel 6 and Samsung Galaxy S21. For Androids, it has to be version 12 and above. Several apps like DroneMobile and MoboKey can assist you in setting up your digital car key. 

5. Use it as a Digital Wallet

Use it as a Digital Wallet

In the modern era, smartphones have become our transactional instrument. In Australia, thorough platforms like Afterpay allow users to send and receive funds seamlessly. Digital wallets offer us numerous benefits. For starters, digital wallets offer exceptional transactional convenience.

People often carry their smartphones everywhere, making it easier to transact. Additionally, it is safer than carrying large wads of cash. You can also wire funds across the continent from the comfort of your phone. Digital wallets enable this and allow you to bypass hefty currency exchange processes. 

6. Measure Stuff

If you need to measure something without a tape measure, your smartphone can quickly come in handy. Using your camera and AR technology, you can identify any measurement.

Simply put a pin on the starting point and another at the end. iPhone users can employ the Apple Measure Up, while Android users can use the Measure app. iPhones can automatically detect the dimensions of rectangular materials. 

7. GPS Navigation System

GPS Navigation System

Gone are the days when you made several pitstops to ask for directions. Your smartphone can also function as your personal tour guide. Numerous apps can help you reach your destination, including Google-owned Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps apps. They are all free and easy to use. 

Some apps are so advanced that you can use them when driving. Fitted with an automated voice assistant, you can comfortably get directions to help you navigate your journey while keeping your eyes on the road. 

8. Take Photos for You

Smartphones have slowly replaced small point-and-shoot cameras. With high resolution and increased pixels, your smartphone can now take quality photos of you. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, and iPhone 14 Pro Max are among the best Aussie considerations. 

While it is unlikely that a smartphone will fully replace a high-end camera that can zoom a building 50 meters away, they have significantly improved photo quality. Even without photography skills, anybody can pick up a phone, tweak a few settings, and capture a decent shot. 

This feature has also massively contributed to the rise of social media. With platforms like Instagram depending largely on photos, exemplary camera smartphones are helpful. 

9. Hold Your Medical Insurance Card 

Hold Your Medical Insurance Card 

Like your digital wallet, your smartphone can store your medical card. This feature comes in handy if you often forget to carry your card. Incorporating your insurance card into your phone also saves time and prevents confusion if you are in a rush.

There are several apps and platforms that can help you achieve this on your Android and iPhone. Setting them up is relatively easy and will save you much time during verification. Aside from holding your medical insurance card, you can add other essential factors like test records and health status in a digital medical wallet. These details make it easier for healthcare providers to assist you when needed. 

10. Monitor Your Heart Rate

Currently, numerous smartwatches can identify your heart rate. However, you can achieve the same result with your smartphone. Your mobile device can give precise heart readings using your camera and flashlight. 

To do so, open the Google Fit App and tap the home section. You’ll notice a section indicating heart rate. Tap add. After that, slightly place your finger at the back of the camera lens and follow the instructions to get your heart reading. 

Final Thoughts

Smartphones have become integral to our functioning in the modern setting. However, serving vital functions like facilitating communication is only one of their purposes. You can use it for other uses, like monitoring your heart rate and measuring distances. 

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